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Vimy St Markets is an innovative community minded fruit and vegetable produce business.
The business was pioneered by Madonna Devaney, daughter of third generation North Queensland farmers, Bernie and Sandra Devaney. The family strongly values high quality, seasonal, local fresh fruit and vegetables grown lovingly and sustainably.

Vimy St Markets

Deliver Fresh:
The fruit and vegetables are bought from the Brisbane Wholesale Markets on the morning of being delivered to customers.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service:
The priority is to provide the local community with amazing food and personal service.

Deliver Health:
Promotes eating fresh nutritious food and reducing processed foods as much as possible. Customers say that the produce delivered by Vimy St Markets tastes 1000 times better and therefore their children want to eat it.

Deliver Integrity:
Produce is sourced as much as we can from Queensland growing regions, when this is not possible we source from other Australian growing regions or from New Zealand for produce such as avocadoes and kiwi fruit.


Maddy Devaney
Ph. 0422171127
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vimystmarkets/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/p/BcGNaFkHJBc/


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