Mixed Fruit and Vegetable "Top-up" Box

8 vegetable/5 fruit varieties plus a herb/garlic/ginger

The Fruit and Vegetable Boxes are Vimy St Market's most popular boxes, with a wide variety of the highest quality fruits, vegetables and herbs available; only premium quality, no second-grade produce.
The items are of premium quality, (no second grade produce) and are thoughtfully selected to help you create healthy recipes such as salads, stir fries, curries and side dishes. The seasonal fruit is selected with lunch boxes, smoothies and children's snacks in mind. Seasonal fruit and vegetable are provided at their best all year long, as such the contents of the box varies each week; see what’s in the box this week.

The Top-up Box has half the quantity of the Family Box.

The Top Up Box would suit:

Households of 2-3 people. For example:

  • A couple who enjoy cooking
  • A family with pre-school children or 'fussy eaters'
  • A single person whose diet is made up of mostly fruit and vegetables
  • A weekly alternative with the family mixed box

Price: $35
How to order?

Things you will enjoy about your Vimy St Markets produce:

  • premium quality
  • longer shelf life
  • size of the fruit is ideal for children’s lunch boxes (no giant apples or bananas!)
  • variation in varieties to maintain the highest quality and appeal each week (we promise you won’t get giant pumpkins or cabbages every week)
  • because your produce has a longer shelf life you will find over a couple of weeks your fridge crisper will be nicely stocked with a range of items to cook with
  • thoughtfulness in the combination of items to allow for easy meal ideas
  • sensible quantities to reduce waste
  • sustainable packaging. Vimy St Markets is committed to the 4 R’s of waste reduction. Produce packaging is kept to a minimum and when required e.g. for salad leaves, the packaging is environmentally friendly, degradable, compostable

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