What Vimy St Markets customers are likely to receive THIS week?

Order date: closed for orders Term 1 and 2 in 2019
Delivery date: 

Content of the family box*:

    • VEGES
    • avocadoes (3)
    • asparagus (2-3 bunches)
    • baby spinach (200g)
    • lebanese cucumbers (4-5)
    • cherry toms (250g)
    • baby cos (2)
    • eggplant (2)
    • mushrooms (250g)
    • red caps (2-3)

    • FRUITS
    • bananas (1kg)
    • apples (6)
    • mix bag apricots/plums/nectarines/peaches (15-20)
    • mangoes (4)


* The contents of the Top-Up Box are the same as the Family Box, with half the quantity
* The Vegetable Only Box includes the vege items listed
* The Fruit Only Box includes the fruit items listed

We aim to deliver you the most amazing fresh seasonal produce, however, contents of the box may be subject to change if we believe the quality is not satisfactory due to unexpected variation in growing conditions that week.

The quantities outlined in the chart are indicative and the actual weights can vary due to fluctuation in size of produce.



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